Student Social Work Association

Our purpose is to increase students’ knowledge about the social work profession through connecting student with resources and networks in the professional field of social welfare, and provide a social environment in which to volunteer and enrich the community.

Who can be a member?

Any graduate or undergraduate student enrolled at UWM in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare.


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Benefits of SSWA Membership

SSWA holds monthly events. Join us for one or all of our upcoming events. Events include social activities, volunteer opportunities, and informational sessions about topics in the field of social welfare.

Criminal Justice Student Association

Our purpose is to help students develop relationships with criminal justice agencies and advance their knowledge of the field outside of the classroom. We also serve as a resource for students, bridging the gap between students, professors and criminal justice agencies.

Interaction with other members and various guest speakers give students the opportunity to learn more about the different areas of the criminal justice field.

Who can be a member?

Any graduate or undergraduate student enrolled at UWM can be a member.

Benefits of CJSA Membership

The CJSA plays a pivotal role in expanding students’ understanding of the various agencies working within the criminal justice system. This can help students facing graduation who enter their job searches unsure of what types of positions suit their interests, skills and aspirations. By inviting persons working in the criminal justice field to speak with our members and organizing tours of local agencies, CJSA further assists students in understanding the roles and responsibilities of working in these agencies.

Last term, for example, we hosted representatives from the Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Marshals Service and the Milwaukee Police Department’s Tactical Enforcement Unit.

President:  Tony Best
Vice President:  Cassie Zosul
Treasurer:  Bethany Jennerjohn
Secretary:  Brooke Moder

Trauma Studies Association

The Trauma Studies Association is an interdisciplinary organization at the University of Milwaukee intending to promote the knowledge of and advocacy for the field of trauma studies. Education, community building and advocacy are the goals of the association. Students, faculty and the community will learn and share innovative approaches. UWM is at the forefront of Trauma Studies and the TSA will provide students an opportunity to augment their education by exploring current developments in this flourishing area of mental health.

Interdisciplinary Trauma Symposium 2018

December 15 @ 8:30 am4:30 pm

Social workers, healthcare professionals, educators, students, and community members: Join us at the Interdisciplinary Trauma Symposium on December 15.

The symposium will explore cutting edge trauma-informed care practices that focus on the intersections of trauma, resilience and social justice.

Union Fireside Lounge, located in the West Wing of the Campus Level in the UWM Student Union.

UWM Students: $10
Non-UWM Students: $20
Community Members: $40
Contact Amber for more information:

Hosted by the Trauma Studies Association

Trauma Symposium Website

  • Faculty Advisor: Dimitri Topitzes
  • Graduate Student Liaison: Maria Brelis Schirmer

Who can be a member?

Any undergraduate or graduate student at UWM can join the TSA.


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