The Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Analysis Using SAS® is a multidisciplinary program that fosters knowledge and programmatic skills in data management and statistical analysis using SAS software.

The certificate’s curriculum is designed for students with diverse career goals, but at its core, it focuses on the job role of SAS Programmer, Data Analyst, and Data Scientist. A person in one of these roles typically accesses and manages data, performs complex queries, and conducts and interprets statistical data analyses.

Upon Completion of Certificate Program
  • Post-baccalaureate students will be interested in this certificate program because it provides a valuable skill set without pursuing a full graduate degree.
  • Graduate and post-graduate students will find this certificate program appealing as it complements many existing degree programs at UW-Milwaukee and should give graduates a competitive edge on the job market.
Admission Requirements
  •   Students must have earned a bachelor’s degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 to be able to apply for the certificate program.
  •   Students who already hold a graduate degree must have earned that degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 when applying for the certificate program.
How to Apply
    •  Students must submit an application form to the certificate program coordinator.
    •  Submit a copy of the application form to the Graduate School, confirming a student’s admission to the certificate program.
    •  Prospective students may apply to the Graduate School as candidates for the certificate program alone (in non-degree status; select “Graduate courses for personal/professional enrichment” as your reason for applying.), or they may pursue the certificate in combination with other graduate degree programs at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.
    •  Applicants must declare their intent to pursue a certificate program before completion of six credits in the certificate sequence.
    •  In addition, non-degree candidates need to
      • Apply online for admission to UWM as non-degree graduate student
      • Forward an official transcript of the highest degree earned to the Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, P.O. Box 340, Milwaukee, WI 53201.
      • Acceptance into the certificate program does not guarantee admission to any other graduate programs.
Curriculum & Degree Requirements
  • Students are required to take a total of 18 credits toward the completion of the certificate.
  • 12 credits = Core courses in programming and regression analysis
    (6 credits fixed, 6 credits flexible)
  • 6 credits = electives
  • The program’s curriculum stimulates interdisciplinary skill acquisition and research by requiring students to enroll in courses from at least two academic units.
  • Students can choose courses from the following disciplines to satisfy the certificate’s credit requirements:
    Business Administration
    Business Management
    Educational Psychology
    Political Science
    Public Health
    Social Work
  • Core courses – Required (6 credits)
    SOC WRK 718 Introduction to SAS Programming (3 cr)
    SOC WRK 719 Advanced SAS Programming (3 cr)
  • Core courses – Flexible (6 credits minimum)
    BUS ADM 714 Multivariate Techniques in Management Research (3 cr)
    BUS MGMT 709 Analytic Models for Managers (3 cr, online)
    ECON 703 Econometrics (4 cr)
    ED PSY 724 Educational Statistics II (3 cr)
    ED PSY 820 Multiple Regression and other General Linear Models (3 cr)
    PH 702 Introduction to Biostatistics (3 cr)
    PH 711 Intermediate Biostatistics (3 cr)
    POLI SCI 701 Techniques of Political Science Research (3 cr)
    POL SCI 702 Advanced Techniques of Political Science Research (3 cr)
    SOC WRK 961 Introduction to Statistical Methods (4 cr)
    SOC WRK 962 Applied Multiple Regression Analysis (3 cr)
  • Electives – (6 credits)
    BUS ADM 713 Business Forecasting Methods (3 cr, online)
    BUS ADM 762 Marketing Research (3 cr)
    ECON 708 Industrial Organization II (3 cr)
    ED PSY 825 Multivariate Methods (3cr)
    ED PSY 826 Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical Data (3 cr)
    ED PSY 832 Theory of Hierarchical Linear Modeling (3 cr)
    POL SCI 935 Seminar in Advanced Political Science Methodology (3 cr)
    SOCIOL 752 Fundamentals of Survey Methodology (3 cr)
    SOC WRK 791,
    Section 004
    Introduction to Data Mining and Predictive Modeling
    (3 cr)
Please Note
  • Additional elective courses can be chosen with prior consent of the program committee.
  • A minimum cumulative 3.00 GPA in certificate courses is required for students to remain in the program.
  • Transfer Credit:
  • Students are allowed up to 3 credits from an institution other than UWM to be counted towards the certificate’s 18-credit requirement, subject to approval of the certificate committee.
  • Transfer courses must have been completed within the past three years with grades of B or higher. Students must provide evidence that the transfer courses are substantially the same as the core or elective courses.
  • Articulation with UWM Graduate Degree Programs:
  • No more than 50% of the credits required for a graduate certificate may count toward meeting UWM degree requirements. Inclusion of credits and degree requirements is at the discretion of the degree granting academic unit (department, school, or college).
  • Time Limit:
  • Students who pursue the Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Analysis Using SAS® will have three years from initial enrollment in a certificate course to complete the certificate requirements.
Gainful Employment
  • Due to new federal financial aid regulations, beginning with the summer 2017 term, students who had not previously been awarded federal financial aid at UWM and are enrolled in a stand-alone certificate program will no longer be eligible for federal Title IV aid. Students in a stand-alone certificate who are seeking financial assistance maybe eligible for private loans. Private loans are not guaranteed as they are subject to lender approval including a credit check.
  • Below is a link to a tool that will help you learn what to look for when shopping for a private loan. At the end of the short tutorial, it will provide a comparison shopping tool allowing you to sort, filter, and compare up to five lenders at one time.
  • FastChoice
  • Upon applying for the loan of your choice and being approved, the UWM Financial Aid Office will be notified by the lender to provide enrollment information. At such time the loan will be added to your financial aid award.
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