College graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree in any field can earn a Certificate in Crime Analysis. Please apply as a special/non-degree student in order to apply to the certificate program. (Note: This is an undergraduate certificate that can be completed after earning a bachelor’s degree. It does not count toward the MSCJ crime analytics concentration.)

Students entering the certificate program will be placed in one of the two tracks, A or B, at the discretion of the Criminal Justice Department Chair.

Track A: Students with significant work experience in the field of criminal justice may, at the discretion of the Criminal Justice Department Chair, have the Field Experience Practicum (CJ 311) waived. Students seeking placement in this track will need to meet with the Criminal Justice Department Chair to discuss this possibility and will be required to provide documentation of work experience.

Track B: Students without criminal justice work experience are required to successfully complete the Field Experience Practicum (CJ 311) in Criminal Justice.

The certificate will require 18-21 credits in the following courses for those without a degree in Criminal Justice. For those with a degree in Criminal Justice, past course credits must be evaluated for equivalency and approved by the Department Chair. A minimum of 9 credits must be taken as a UWM student.

Course Listing
CRM JST 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
Introduction to Information Science and TechnologyInformation Technology Ethics 3
CRM JST 480 Criminal Evidence and Investigation 3
CRM JST 510 Introduction to Crime Analysis 3
CRM JST 520 Analysis Oriented Technology: Spatial Data Analysis; Crime Mapping; ArcGIS 3
CRM JST 530 Data Driven Policing 3
CRM JST 311 Field Experience Practicum 3
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