May 2017 @ #UWMSocial

By Taylor Strickland, Digital Communications Intern

Just as May flowers start to bloom, so did our spring graduates. As these grads move on to the next chapters of their lives, let’s reflect on the content that blossomed on #UWMSocial this month.


Some of our grads were running a little late for commencement, so Chancellor Mone decided to give them a lift – Carpool Karaoke style! On their Journey to graduation, they sang, danced and reminisced on their time at UWM. While we couldn’t be more #PantherProud, these bright faces will be missed on campus. With a reach of 196, 087, the video received 77,336 views, 1.3K reactions, 106 comments and 641 shares. Although we were hoping James Corden would see our video, we were happy with all the earned local and national media coverage!

Carpool Karaoke – UWM Graduation Edition

More than 3,400 UWM students graduate today, singing and dancing their way out of college. Watch their journey to graduation and try to not sing along. James Corden, watch out, Chancellor Mark Mone is coming for you! 🎶

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Sunday, May 21, 2017

We also found ourselves defining what it means to be a Panther. With more than 26,000 students, 3,000 researchers, faculty and staff and 177,000 graduates, this video tells UWM’s story. We are your neighbors. We are your friends. We are UWM. This post reached 87,180 people, with 38,620 views, 927 reactions, 32 comments and 288 shares.

We Are UWM

What is UWM? UWM is 26,000 students, 3,000 researchers, faculty and staff and 177,000 graduates. We are UWM. We are your neighbors. And our combined efforts contribute $1.5 billion to the Wisconsin economy each year. Your support makes a difference. Become a Panther Advocate:

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Monday, May 1, 2017

Lake Shore State Park and Peck School of the Arts partnered to create “insect hotels,” bringing awareness to the decline of insect populations. These homes will be placed throughout Wisconsin State Parks this summer. Video reached 31,393, with 14,898 views, 255 reactions, 11 comments and 99 shares. The video also earned two Milwaukee TV news stories.

UWM art students build 'insect hotels'

The insects are dying, some studies estimate a 45% decline in insect population worldwide in the last few decades. So, Lakeshore State Park and UWM came together. Art students in UWM's 3-D concepts class built "insect hotels" in an effort to raise awareness about dwindling insects. About 180 students created these shelters out of natural materials, and Wisconsin State Parks will install them this summer.

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Monday, May 8, 2017


We know how students felt about the last week of classes. Our favorite underwater friend helped UWM receive 10,978 impressions, 126 likes and 55 retweets.

We also discovered a growing family on the roof of the EMS! When these peregrine falcon babies were born, we knew our students, faculty, staff and alumni would love to take a peak at the adorable little guys. Iltis, Gromme, Hilary and Lorrie earned themselves 4,755 impressions, 30 likes and 8 retweets.

We wanted to wish a big congratulations to #UWMgrad! More than 3,400 students joined the Panther alumni family. This tweet gained 5,554 impressions, 50 likes and 18 retweets.


There’s no question about it – Milwaukee is a beautiful city to call home. This shot of the Milwaukee Art Museum was so stunning, we couldn’t help but repost it. The photo received 1,266 likes.

We used one more social platform to congratulate our grads. We captured them in all of their glory, right after receiving their diplomas. The post saw 1,049 likes and 11 comments.

During exam week, we wanted to give students motivation. This gorgeous shot of a latte gave off major spring vibes and let students know exam week would be done soon. It received 573 likes and 4 comments.


If you’ve never made your way into the Klotsche Center, this snap story will tell you all you need to know! Whether you’re coming for the workout of your life or checking out upcoming trips with Outdoor Pursuits, there’s something for everyone at the K.

Congratulations again to all our May graduates and enjoy your summer break. We’ll be here throughout summer @ #UWMSocial.