February 2018 @ #UWMSocial

By Olivia Mobley, Digital Communications Intern

February may have been a cold one on campus, but it was also full of fabulous events, from Valentine’s Day to the annual UWM Drag show!


This February, #UWMSocial celebrated Valentine’s Day in true Bachelor style with Pounce giving out roses to students around campus. This video received 19,778 impressions, 4,384 views, 30 shares and 328 reactions, making it the most popular video this month!

Will you accept Pounce's rose?

Happy Valentine's Day, Panthers! 💗

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Wednesday, February 14, 2018


The UWM Student Association officially opened their food pantry in response to a student-wide survey which revealed that about half of the student population has dealt with food insecurity. This video about the pantry received 18,756 impressions, 6,492 views, 55 shares and 480 reactions.

UWM Food Center and Pantry open in new home

After a student-wide survey in 2016 revealed that about 50% of UWM students have struggled to afford food, Student Association at UWM created the UWM Food Center and Pantry. The center is now open in its new home in Union 348. For more information on hours or how you can help, visit: http://go.uwm.edu/uwmfoodpantry

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Wednesday, February 21, 2018


February went out with a bang at the 19th annual UWM Drag Show. This fabulous video filled with kings and queens strutting their stuff received 18,742 impressions, 6,683 views, 37 shares and 465 reactions.

UWM Drag Show 2018

It was a fabulous night celebrating the 19th year of UWM's Drag Show. Thank you to everyone who came out to support Pathfinders and ProjectQ!

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Sunday, February 25, 2018



February definitely had its fair share of interesting weather, from freezing snow-days to warmer, rainy days. This photo received 11,175 impressions and 938 likes.


As the weather warmed up for a short time, the skies cleared and campus was a sight to see. This repost received 10,035 impressions and 867 likes.


Of course, as February is the month of love, we had to post this cute vintage photo of students in love years ago. This #TBT photo received 10,021 impressions and 775 likes.



On Twitter, things were geared a little differently. Thanks to the love from the Brewers, the most popular tweet announced the annual Brewers Hot Stove event on campus. This tweet received 34,380 impressions, 30 likes and 3 retweets.


Campus was yet again draped in white after a significant snow storm, but at least it looked pretty! This tweet received 9,638 impressions, 114 likes and 15 retweets.


Last but not least on Twitter, this UWM Drag Show announcement spread the already growing excitement for the fun event, receiving 8,440 impressions, 88 likes and 10 retweets.


There was so much to look back on for February, and here’s hoping for an even more fabulous month of March! With spring break on the horizon, we can’t wait to cover everything on #UWMSocial!