August 2018 @ #UWMSocial

By Olivia Mobley, Digital Communications Intern

In the last month of summer, we shared all sorts of #PantherPride in preparation for the Class of 2022’s arrival.


We started August off right sharing news that Milwaukee is one of the six best places for college grads in 2018! This post reached 12,778 people with 418 engagements and 1,024 clicks.

We've got good news Class of 2019…

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Wednesday, August 1, 2018


UWM is home to the Downer Woods, which is not only a popular green space on campus but also a hub for international research. This video reached 10,677 people with 3,720 views and 228 engagements.

Downer Woods: UWM's urban green space

This 11-acre forest located right on UWM's main campus is not only an escape to nature from the city, but also a hub for international research. 🌳

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Monday, August 20, 2018


On the last day of August, the Class of 2022 was officially inducted into the Panther family at the University Welcome, proving to be one our our loudest, proudest groups ever! This photo reached 66,265 people with 7,462 reactions and 14,447 clicks! 

We're so excited to welcome the Class of 2022! With this much #pantherpride, we know they'll do great things! 🐾 #UWMFallWelcome

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Friday, August 31, 2018



On Instagram, we were all about the beautiful blue skies and warm weather in Milwaukee. This gorgeous city skyline received 994 likes!


As the school year drew near, one proud Panther posted a great shot of Merrill hall. This beautiful red brick repost gained 927 likes in total!


The most popular photo of this month by far was the Class of 2022 photo at the University Welcome event. A proud sea of black & gold, this photo received an impressive 1,808 likes!



August’s most popular tweet was a fun GIF of Pounce wishing incoming freshmen a good time at New Student Orientation! This tweet received 30,445 impressions, 45 likes and 4 retweets.


Pantherfest was all the rage on Twitter with the annual free concert just around the corner. This video revealing the Pantherfest opener, lovelytheband, received 6,129 impressions, 42 likes and 6 retweets.


Like we said, Pantherfest was top of mind in August, and this 2-week reminder was obviously super exciting for students as it received 10,107 impressions, 59 likes and 6 retweets.


We couldn’t have been happier with how August went this year, full of Panther Pride on #UWMSocial and setting the pace for the fall semester!