2016 #UWMDragShow on #UWMSocial

By Bo Bayerl, Lead Digital Communications Intern

UWM’s LGBT Resource Center hosts the UWM Drag Show every year. The night was filled with endless dancing and cheering for the many drag queens and drag kings in the program. #UWMSocial scored backstage access, providing a “behind-the-scenes” look at the night.


To promote the UWM Drag Show on Facebook, we shared a story about one of the co-hosts on his experiences in drag. The story reached 5,280 people with 44 likes and 1 share.

What is it like to be a drag performer? Jazz Nance, a senior majoring in social work, shares his experiences in drag. He will also be co-hosting Saturday's UWM Drag Show at the Milwaukee Theatre!

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Friday, February 26, 2016


Working with University Relations Video Services, we shared a 60-second recap of the night. If you did not attend, it gave a glimpse of what happened throughout the night. The video was posted the Monday after the show reaching more than 256,000 people with 578 likes, 201 shares and 34,000 views.

24 performances inspire crowd of 3,000 at UWM Drag Show

A record-breaking 3,000 people filled the Milwaukee Theatre this past Saturday at the annual UWM Drag Show. More than $1,700 was raised for two local charities – MKE LGBT Community Center's Project Q Youth Services & Pathfinders. See Saturday's highlight reel!

Posted by University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Monday, February 29, 2016



#UWMSocial promoted the UWM Drag Show on Twitter and encouraged students to pick up their free ticket. We used GIFs from a previous drag show to promote what you could expect.


During the show, we live tweeted. We counted down 30 minutes to the show and posted a photo of opening number. Both tweets had 9,289 impressions.


The week following the show, we tweeted the amount raised at the UWM Drag Show, photo gallery and highlight reel. These tweets saw more than 16,000 impressions.



We captured the night with one Instagram photo that received 205 likes.



On Snapchat, we got our followers hyped by doing a one-week countdown. On the day of the show, Snapchat caught everything in real-time from preparing backstage to the last number and everything else in between. The story had an average of 1,300 views.

With record breaking attendance and almost $2,000 raised for charity in 2016, #UWMSocial always loves covering the UWM Drag Show and cannot wait for next year’s show!