TMEA Form Process

The new Travel & Miscellaneous Expense Authorization Form and E-Reimbursement process will begin to transition on Monday, March 15, 2021. All Schools/Colleges/Divisions will transition on independent timelines based upon conversations with leadership, faculty, and staff to ensure smooth implementation.

Travel & Miscellaneous Expense Authorization Form and E-Reimbursement Support

Donna Boxhorn, Cynthia Warneke, and Gloria Wabanimkee will be providing support for all SSC2 units. All inquiries should be directed to the shared mailbox at

If you are unsure whom to contact, please contact Shared Services Center Manager, Jarad Parker,, (414) 229-3407.

Completion of the new Travel & Miscellaneous Expense Authorization Form is required for any travel or expense which will be reimbursed through the current E-Reimbursement process. Depending on School/College/Division, the new electronic Expense Authorization (EA) Form replaces the current electronic Travel Authorization module and/or the paper form that was currently required prior to travel.

  1. Individual requesting funds initiates the TMEA Form by clicking on the following link:
  2. Log in to the TMEA Form using UWM credentials.
  3. Complete TMEA Form with as much detail as possible. See the TMEA Form Training Document for further guidance on form completion.
  4. Submit completed TMEA Form for approvals.
  5. Receive notice of approved TMEA form.
  6. Complete travel or purchase following appropriate policies/process/guidelines.

Individuals can either complete the E-Reimbursement process or assign SSC staff to complete the E-Reimbursement process on their behalf. Directions for assigning E-reimbursement alternates may be found at:

More documentation and information on the Travel & Miscellaneous Expense Authorization and E-Reimbursement process may be found on the Shared Services webpage below: