1. Is the TMEA form required?

    Yes, the new TMEA Form must be completed any time an individual will seek reimbursement for an expense. The form routes through the appropriate business office/individual to confirm funding is available and that the expense will be charged to the appropriate account. Also, the E-Reimbursement approval is the completed TMEA Form. E-Reimbursement submissions that do not have a completed TMEA Form will not have the appropriate approvals for completion.

  2. Do I need to complete a TMEA form for non-employees?

    Yes, the TMEA form will need to be completed for any expense that will be reimbursed. The form will need to be submitted on behalf of non-employees as they will not have UWM credentials to access the system. Instructions on how to complete a TMEA form and subsequent E-Reimbursement may be found on the Shared Services Travel and E-Reimbursement webpage.

  3. What is the maximum amount of time for a recurring request TMEA approval?

    A recurring request submission can be used when the travel/expense purpose is repetitive in nature and the funding source is consistent. While a TMEA form can be submitted and approved for any period of time, best practice would be to limit the recurring request to dates based upon the semester or employment dates to ensure the expense is approved by the appropriate individuals and correct funding is utilized.

  4. Will departments still be approving E-Reimbursement requests (TERs)?

    No. One of the objectives of the new TMEA process is to eliminate steps and streamline the E-Reimbursement process, reducing the number of people required to work within the E-Reimbursement system and reducing the time for processing the reimbursements. Once completed and approved, the TMEA form can be attached as a PDF to the E-Reimbursement submission and will be used as the approval. Shared Services Center staff will audit E-Reimbursment submission and the request will then be sent to UW-System for final approval and payment.

  5. If I already received authorization through our School/College/Division’s previous process, do I need to now submit a TMEA form?

    No. You will not need to request another authorization for your travel/expense. SSC staff will work with individuals to ensure that prior forms of authorization (either paper or electronic Travel Authorization Requests) will be accepted during the Fall 2019 transition. Any travel/expense authorizations initiated after September 3 will require the new TMEA form.

  6. Is training required for the new TMEA process?

    No. Using the TMEA process is required as of Tuesday, September 3, 2019 but the training sessions offered before and after launch are informative in nature and not required. We encourage anyone with questions about the new process to either attend a training session or contact SSC at and we would be happy to provide form assistance.

  7. Can I look up the status of my TMEA?

    Yes, UWM Streamline provides access to all your TMEA forms in process and already approved. After you log in to the system, you will see a list of your Travel and Expense Authorization Requests and the current status of each request. To view details of individual TMEAs, simply click the link to open that specific form. The bottom of the form will displace the “routing slip,” which includes details about the action taken on your request at each review/approval step.

  8. What do I do if funding is being provided by a school/college/division that is not supported by Shared Services?

    Currently, only SSC supported units (FAA, CON, ZSPH, HBSSW, CHS, SOE) are utilizing the TMEA process. Therefore, the funding allocation options only list funding for the included units. If funding is split with a non-SSC supported unit, the amount and funding source should be identified in the additional detail text box. The E-Reimbursement submission including non-supported unit funding will still route for appropriate approvals based upon their matrix.

  9. If I have a Grant and I need the PI to approve, how do I get them on the workflow if they are not the supervisor?

    The TMEA will route for approvals based on the department. The Project/Grant isn’t part of the combo-edit file or any rules in the process. In cases of grant-funded travel that needs PI approval, the PI should be listed as the supervisor.

  10. If my supervisor is out, can supervisors reassign workflow to another supervisor?

    The supervisor can delegate/reassign their tasks to someone else for a planned absence. If there is an unplanned absence, the person making the request can put someone else in the supervisor field – based on established practices in the department/division.

  11. What do I do if an individual does not appear as an option for the “Traveler/Purchaser Name” field on the TMEA form?

    Individuals who have not logged into the campus Streamline/BPLogix platform using their UWM credentials will not appear on the list for these fields. The system captures individuals upon their initial login and will then appear for any individual moving forward. Individuals new to the campus community can login at Please contact Shared Services at if individuals continue to not appear following their initial login for further assistance.

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