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Step 1 – Application Information – Wisconsin Certified Parent Peer Specialist Certification

Requirements of Certification:

Please read the requirements of certification as stated in this application: Wisconsin Parent Peer Specialist Scope of Practice, Wisconsin Core Training Competencies and the Wisconsin Certified Parent Peer Specialist Code of Ethics.

Exam Process Information:

Three (3) hours are allowed for taking the exam.
PLEASE NOTE: The exam is given online at a computer. If you do not show up for the time you are scheduled for, an additional $25 rescheduling fee will be added.

If you show up 15 minutes late for your scheduled exam time, you will not be allowed to take the exam. Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to get set up.

Upon successful passing of the exam, a certification document will be issued by the state of Wisconsin within 30 days of the exam date.


Wisconsin Parent Peer Specialist certification is valid for two years. It is the sole responsibility of the Certified Parent Peer Specialist to be aware of their recertification dates and complete this requirement. In this two-year period, 20 total hours of Continuing Education Hours (CEH) must be obtained to qualify for recertification. The required areas of education are:

  1. Cultural Humility
  2. Ethics and Boundaries
  3. Parent Peer Specialist Skill Development
  4. Child/Adolescent Development or Parenting

You must have a minimum of three hours in each of the above areas.
Certified Parent Peer Specialists may choose any other continuing education courses they wish related to the Parent Peer Specialist field and must have a minimum of 20 hours total of continuing education based on the Wisconsin Parent Peer Specialist Core Training Competencies. Certified Parent Peer Specialists are responsible for maintaining their Continuing Education Hours (CEH) and providing documentation of completion to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM).

After two years, recertification does not involve taking another certification test unless the initial certification has lapsed and then the test must be retaken.

The recertification renewal fee is $50 every two years. Documents can be downloaded at or

This certification is not transferable to anyone else.

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