What’s Your #Hashtag?

How do we want to be seen and what do we want said about us … especially in tough times? In this working session, you start on the definition and intention of your brand by creating something as simple as your hashtag. We explore the brain science on why it needs to start as something simple and meaningful for it to be a consistent reality of us at our best. Brand work may be one of the most critical steps you take in setting your intention. What we focus on is what we work toward. Don’t leave your brand to chance!


Donna Schumell

Donna Schumell is a CDO and Partner in The Disruptive Element. She has served as an executive leader, director, management consultant, business owner and executive coach with over 30 years of experience.

Donna is recognized for partnering with executives in both public corporations and closely held businesses to build high trust relationships that help organizations grow and thrive. She works with individuals, teams, organizations and boards on improving performance through leadership and talent development.

In pursuit of leadership excellence, Donna began in the financial services industry as a top performing tax lawyer and investment advisor. Recognizing that technical competence alone is insufficient for exceptional leadership, Donna serves as a pioneer in the integration of emotional, moral and behavioral capacity with technical proficiency. She has a passion for all things leadership and her own circuitous journey within primarily male dominant industries motivates her to equip women leaders to lead boldly.

Paula Winkler

Paula Winkler is an experienced chief operations officer, chief information officer, management consultant, transformational change consultant and executive coach with over 30 years of experience.

Paula has always fostered a passion for leadership and the development of others, both individuals and teams – beginning as a leader of teams early in her career, leading to executive leadership of organizations.

As a management consultant, Paula built a practice focused on the effectiveness of leadership and organizations, working with CEOs, CIOs and their teams to assess and transform teams to drive results.

Paula began a coaching business, The People Business, and leverages her executive leadership and management consulting experience to help leaders foster talent, develop accountable authentic leadership and build teams that rock!