Thoughtfully Fit®: Build Your Core Confidence

Join Darcy Luoma, executive coach, as she teaches you how to face any challenge – no matter how difficult – using a model she herself has tested under extreme fire.

This inspiring session gives you the confidence to handle life’s challenges. Darcy shares how she successfully used her Thoughtfully Fit® model when her life fell apart following her husband’s shocking arrest and incarceration.

Darcy trains you to use these same tools to build your core in the face of conflict, change or uncertainty – even a global pandemic. You’ll leave with a core workout to immediately strengthen your life personally, professionally, spiritually and emotionally, and build your resilience to handle any situation thoughtfully.


Darcy Luoma

Darcy Luoma, creator of Thoughtfully Fit®, is a master certified coach, dynamic facilitator and inspiring motivational speaker. She worked as the director for a U.S. senator and deputy transition director for a governor, and served on the national advance team for two U.S. presidential campaigns. As the owner and CEO of Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, LLC, she’s worked in 48 industries with more than 500 organizations to create high-performing people and teams. The media has named Darcy the region’s favorite executive-and-life coach four times.

Darcy balances her thriving business with raising her two energetic teenage daughters, enjoying adventure travel and competing in triathlons.

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