The Art and Science of Making Your Dreams a Reality

Are your personal or professional dreams stuck in your head and at risk of becoming a distant memory? Members from the Vista360, LLC business consulting firm and the team at Bloom360 Learning Community will share a specific example of how they are manifesting a dream through a character strengths-based and human development approach. The two organizations, a for profit management consulting firm and a nonprofit school, look at the whole picture when working with a financial services client or a child. Their unique process and model work for organizations and individuals and they are ready to share it to help more people realize their personal and professional dreams.

This session focuses on how women can harness their character strengths and utilize mindfulness techniques to set or reset their intentions and ignite the passion to materialize a dream. The session provides a framework and the tools and resources to help you focus your thoughts/dreams, and equally as important, learn about specific steps and tips for taking action. The power of manifesting a dream truly is within your grasp.


Laura Raumann

An entrepreneur at heart, Laura is passionate about the two organizations she founded and manages: Vista360, LLC and Bloom360 Learning Community. The first is a management consulting firm; the second is a nonprofit school for children with neuro-diverse needs.

Vista360 and Bloom360 are co-located, allowing her business team to support the Learning Guides (teachers) and engage with the Learners (students) in skill and relationship-building projects that often surpass everyone’s expectations and bring out the best in the kids and the team. The lighthearted laughter and positive energy of the business/school environment is quite likely the first time the Learners have felt comfortable in an educational setting. For the business consultants, there are ongoing meaningful opportunities to grow their sense of purpose and fulfillment. Collectively, the two organizations including learners and their families and Bloom360 supporters are part of a dynamic community where everyone grows and benefits from engaging in the “whole-person” approach that nurtures each person to be the best version of themselves.

The two organizations share the number 360 because each looks at the whole picture through a strengths-based lens. Laura leads the combined Vista360 and Bloom360 teams with a strategic vision and a lot of heart that encourages each employee to own their strengths and express their needs which creates a dynamic, trusting and positive culture. The overall result is an upbeat, supportive community where everyone has a purpose and is blooming!

Laura founded Vista360, LLC in 2002. The firm assists investment advisers and funds with Securities Exchange Commission regulatory and strategic matters. Vista360’s advice is practical and customized for each client’s needs and business model. This counsel often extends into marketing, operations and human resource areas which suits Vista360’s dynamic team as well as provides numerous benefits to clients nationwide.

Laura and the Vista360 team are experienced in recognizing gaps and developing innovative ways to solve problems. With that in mind, it’s not a stretch to understand that when Laura couldn’t find an educational setting to fit her daughter’s unique needs, she and her team built a school and found the educators and therapists needed to run it. The approach of Bloom360 recognizes and nurtures strengths in all people, especially children with neuro-diverse needs.

Laura has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She maintains her license as a CPA through the state of Wisconsin and is a member of the AICPA.

Dawn Frasa

Dawn supports and leads the communication efforts at Bloom360 Learning Community. She brings more than 25 years of significant marketing, media and public relations experience to the Bloom360 team and is passionate about generating awareness and building relationships for the school. She and her family moved to Wisconsin six years ago and were searching for a whole-child focused program like Bloom360 for their son. Dawn’s professional skills aligned with Bloom360’s needs, and she joined the Bloom360 team to help develop and launch the unique program.

Dawn is instrumental in Bloom360 being featured in several television, online and newspaper stories and leads its community outreach efforts. She directs and edits Bloom360 videos as well as manages the creative direction and content for the school website, social media and newsletters. She is dedicated to researching and applying for numerous grants to help further support Bloom360 operations and programs.

Her prior business experience includes leadership roles at several top-tier marketing and public relations firms in Michigan. She also served as director of communications at a large independent school for different learners where she initiated a community-based media relations program which resulted in 50 feature articles, several network television spots and a 30-minute cable television show.

Dawn has a journalism degree from Michigan State University.

Cindy Gosh-Lee

Cindy helps lead Bloom360 Learning Community and guides the further development of its unique educational model. She cultivates interest-driven projects for Learners that engage their creativity while meeting applicable state standards. She is instrumental in guiding the overall curriculum and in supporting all of the Learners, Learning Guides and parents throughout each Learner’s Individualized Developmental Learning Plan.

Cindy received training through the VIA Institute on Character in the areas of using character strengths at work, building effective teams and one-on-one strengths-based coaching. She is leading and guiding the implementation and continued development of the Character Strengths program for Bloom360 as well as the Vista360 team.

Cindy has more than 20 years of experience working and serving families, children and adult learners in a variety of educational and community settings. Cindy began her teaching career in the early intervention program Head Start which was the catalyst to pursuing becoming a social worker because of the opportunity it allowed to deepen relationships and empower children and families. As a social worker, Cindy facilitated support groups for children and parents, provided short-term strengths-based counseling and facilitated social/emotional programs within classrooms. Cindy also continued to teach part-time over the years in a variety of roles including college professor of general studies (sociology, social problems and organizational psychology), designer and facilitator of professional development courses for educators, substitute teacher, and middle school project-based STEM facilitator.

Cindy has a master’s degree in social welfare from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Mount Mary University. Cindy is certified by Wisconsin DPI as an early childhood teacher and a school social worker.