Sensemaking in a Data-Driven World

In a world powered by data-based decision-making, how does a non-data scientist make sense of it all? Through strategy and storytelling! Hear how the sensemaking and communication of data plays a big role in influencing change in an organization. During this session, you’ll hear how:

  • Designing a strong data strategy enables strong results
  • Data alone isn’t enough; sensemaking completes the story
  • Meeting people “where they’re at” helps influence the decision-making process


Amy Warnock

Amy is passionate about the human experience and spent most of her career in communications understanding and engaging field organizations. As a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, her career led her to the Twin Cities leading field communications for Marshall Field’s/Macy’s North and eventually, Lifetouch Inc. She was drawn back to Wisconsin (Madison native) where she’s grown her career with Northwestern Mutual over the last five years. Now as senior director of field experience, she leads the data and analytics strategy focused on understanding and improving the advisor experience at Northwestern Mutual. She is also dedicated to making workplaces better for women and was an inaugural governance board member for the Women’s Employee Resource Group at Northwestern Mutual.

Outside of work, Amy’s focus is on family. She and her husband are avid Wisconsin football fans (Packers and Badgers) and both her daughter, Elise, and son, Brady, play flag football in Milwaukee. She loves podcasts and believes they’re a great way for busy parents to keep up with emerging trends and culture.