Gut Intelligence: Using Intuition for Business Advantage

It used to be called “women’s intuition” and considered some mystical kind of gift. But recent brain research tells us there is a brain in our gut that has more neurotransmitters, neurons and hormones than in our heart or head. The key is to learn how to get this unconscious information up the gut-brain axis, so we can make sense of what we already unconsciously knew.

Susan’s Gut Intelligence Process teaches you how to create a superhighway of information between your gut, heart and head so you can align your decisions to your vision, values and goals. We’ve all had those situations when our gut said one thing, our heart another and our head chattered yet something else. This inner incongruity makes it difficult for us to make decisions with confidence and to be taken seriously!

That’s why we need increased Gut Intelligence so we can be clear, calm and confident in the decision-making moments that matter! In Susan’s talk, you learn her 3 Simple Steps to Gut Intelligence: Own it! Ask it! Voice it! You learn how to own that ping in your gut, ask your intuition what it means, and then voice your truth in a constructive way that aligns your decision to the vision, values and goals. How? Susan teaches you her practical S.T.O.P. technique to help you: Slow down and breathe, Tune in within, Observe what is happening and Perceive a new possibility! No longer will you react to difficult people or situations. Instead, you will have the wisdom to know the truth and guts to do something about it!


Susan Wehrley

Susan is the owner and CEO of BIZremedies, an executive coaching and consulting firm for 30 years. She is the author of eight books of which her latest are on the topic of “Gut Intelligence (GQ).” Susan trademarked the term “Gut Intelligence (GQ)” this year and is dedicated to helping people understand how it is a business advantage as much as IQ and EQ. She has worked with companies such as Harley-Davidson, Johnson Controls, Pepsi-Cola and hundreds more to help executives and their talent make more effective decisions that align to the company’s vision, values and goals. By teaching leaders how to integrate the wisdom of their gut, heart and head, Susan’s Gut Intelligence process helps them to notice the ping in their gut that tells them it’s time to pay attention! Instead of feeling stress about what to do, executives learn how to be more clear, calm and confident in their knowing by creating a superhighway of information on the gut-brain axis. As a result, executives can more quickly get to that “aha” knowing, a heightened awareness that tells them this is their best decision.

In addition, Susan currently is a contributor for the Biz Times and Forbes on business best practices. You may have heard Susan for years on WISN and the Smooth Jazz Radio with her “Performance Solutions” radio show or seen her on PBS presenting her tips on leadership and creating the life you want. You can learn more about Susan at