Expose and Eradicate the Imposter Syndrome: 6 Confidence Boosters (Building Confidence track)

Know anyone who thinks they have “tricked” everyone into believing they ‘re not as successful or great as they appear? Is exposure unpredictably imminent? Do you or those close to you suffer from the stress and anxiety of being “discovered?” This interactive session provides self-assessment tools to help you diagnose how the imposter syndrome impacts your confidence in your competence. You learn six simple strategies for surviving and thriving, whether you are newly diagnosed or a long time survivor!

  • Diagnose The Extent Of Your Affliction
  • Recognize It’s NOT A Women Only Phenomenon
  • Survey Your Surroundings: It’s Not Just You…
  • Reframe the Five Competence Mindset Myths
  • Choose Your Treatment
  • Celebrate Survival

Join the movement to eradicate imposter syndrome in women


Donna Schumell

Donna Schumell is the founder and CEO of Reimagining Leadership | Redefining Wealth. She brings 20 years of direct corporate executive leadership experience to executive coaching, leadership facilitation and team development. When she integrates group facilitation with one-on-one coaching, cohorts and teams experience exceptional, sustainable results. Donna has coached managers and executive leaders in 49 states and 14 countries, working with corporations, small businesses and not-for-profits.

Donna’s leadership in male-dominated fields, financial services and law has inspired a passion for working not only with men, but equipping women with the leadership skills they need to lead successfully in top executive roles.

She received a JD from Marquette University Law School and a coaching certification from the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the International Coaching Federation. She is certified in numerous assessment tools, Integrative Enneagram, Everything DiSC, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, The Leadership Circle, Emotional Intelligence (EQi), and Situational Leadership.

Donna is an active volunteer with Generous Giving and Women Doing Well, speaking extensively on generosity, abundance as well as living into one’s purpose and passion with a plan.

She lives in Wisconsin, loves her husband Bill, her treasured son Josh, cheese and the Green Bay Packers.