Disruptive Times Require a New Way to Future-Proof Your Organization

Technology is changing the landscape at an exponential pace, and we are all challenged with keeping pace and ensuring that we continue to be relevant. Come to this session to learn about predictions for how AI and other disruptive technologies will fundamentally change the way companies do business and what we can do to “future-proof” ourselves and our organizations. Our focus will be on how to create more rapid learning opportunities in uncertain and fast-changing spaces. This session will cover:

  1. Top disruptive technologies that are changing our world
  2. How to cut through the hype and identify ways to harness disruptive strategies to create a method for staying on top of technology
  3. Examples of organizations that have successful models for re-skilling and growing talent in rapidly changing spaces
  4. Tactics for future-proofing yourself and your organization


Sandra Bradley

Sandra is a serial entrepreneur and thought leader in strategies for harnessing disruptive technologies to grow companies. Sandra has over 20 years of experience working with startups and Fortune 500 companies in highly disruptive spaces. Her career spans pioneering technology strategy starting with Web 1.0 to all things disruptive (IoT, AI, AR / VR, Blockchain). She led digital strategy, web, and IoT university-industry collaborations at the University of Wisconsin for a number of years before spinning out Hyper Innovation (HI). Identifying the need for companies to learn about what’s next while developing sustainable processes for managing disruption led to the founding of Hyper Innovation to help companies be more successful at innovating inside and outside the enterprise.

Hyper Innovation was recently recognized by Wisconsin Inno as a “50 on Fire” company. HI brings strategic insights and scalable, repeatable frameworks for co-innovating with innovators, technologists, startups and universities to solve real problems and build solutions.