Disagreement or Dialogue? How to Create Possibilities Through Conversation and Avoid Negative Conflict

Disagreements, disappointments and difficult situations … we encounter them all the time, yet even when we know we need to address them we avoid, overthink or try to control the conversation. You may never love having uncomfortable conversations, but you can learn how to navigate the discomfort better than you think. When you approach the conversation with “we” in mind instead of “me,” you can solve problems before they lead to ongoing conflict.

This session gives you the tools and techniques for having productive dialogues that preserve relationships and create possibilities, an invaluable skill in our personal and professional lives. Session takeaways include how to:

  • Identify the pitfalls that can derail a conversation before it happens.
  • Learn a simple process to demonstrate conversational receptiveness and stay in dialogue.
  • Practice these techniques using your own difficult situation for a better outcome.


Lauren Pagenkopf

Great leaders never stop learning and growing. Driven by a desire to help leaders and organizations realize their potential, Lauren brings 25 years of broad business experience to her executive coaching and consulting practice, along with firsthand knowledge of today’s quickly evolving business environment and the challenges leaders face.

In her career, Lauren has held leadership roles in organizational communities, strategic planning, international business development, brand management and product development at companies including Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Currently she works with companies in a variety of industries and with leaders from the executive level to new managers, helping them get the best out of themselves, their teams and their organizations.

She holds a Master of International Management degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management and numerous certifications in organizational development, change management, Lead Leadership and coaching assessment tools.

Whether in her role as a leader, coach, parent, volunteer or friend, Lauren thrives on learning from those around her.