Travel Activity Levels*

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Use the activity levels listed below to decide if an Osher travel program or Go Explore fits your physical ability:

Level 1: Minimal physical activity. You will board a motor coach and have a limited amount of walking in hotels, restaurants, theaters or museums on a leisurely paced trip.

Level 2: Average physical activity. You will climb stairs and walk some distance over even or uneven ground.

Level 3: Moderate physical activity. You will have at least one active or long day. You should expect walking tours, 1-2 hours in length, with stair climbing and standing.

Level 4: Vigorous physical activity. You will participate in lengthier walking tours, moving over uneven territory, climbing stairs and having extended periods of standing. Tour activities will be longer and some activities will run later into the evening. You must be willing to use mass transit including subways and buses. You should consider not signing up if you use a walker or wheel chair.

Level 5: Strenuous physical activity. You must be physically fit in order to participate. Tour activities will include extensive walking tours, possible high altitudes, early morning departure, late night activities and/or extreme temperatures. You should not sign up if you use a walker or wheelchair.

*You will be responsible for your luggage and personal possessions on all tours.