Osher suspends In-person programming indefinitely. Check here for updates.


Institute Officers and Staff

Board of Directors
Gwen Benner, President
Beth Waschow, Past President
Terry King, President-Elect
Diana Hankes, Secretary/Treasurer

Committee Chairs
Gwen Benner & Nancy Tawney, Fundraising
Gretchen Lindstrom & John Link, Core Programming
Paula Friedman, Curriculum
Diane McMahon, Volunteer Engagement and Recognition
Dennis Funk & Ann Barrette, Membership
Nicky D’Attilio & Mary Johnson, Special Events
Marcia Scherrer, Go Explore

Kim Beck, Executive Director
Laurie Yingling, Program Coordinator
Karen Barry, Volunteer and Membership Coordinator
Nicole Haight, Go Explore Coordinator
Colleen Heffron, Program Assistant
Darus Walls, Program Support
Finest Henderson, Hefter Center Caretaker