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Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS, online)

This workshop gives participants an opportunity to explore the WMELS Domains and enables them to apply the WMELS standards to build a foundation for high-quality care and education for all children from birth to the beginning of first grade. WMELS outlines developmental expectations through a continuum.

Participants learn how to apply the Early Learning Standards to determine what children should know and be able to do, plan learning experiences, provide supportive environments and collect data to ensure that all children are learning and making progress by using the teaching cycle. Topics such as developmentally appropriate practice and play theory are also explored.

WMELS online is asynchronous at UWM — meaning not occurring at the same time. Participants will have a significant amount of interaction with the instructor and other students in the online discussion forum but do NOT need to be online at the same time as other participants. A webcam is NOT needed for course participation.

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