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WI Training and Technical Assistance Professional (T-TAP) Courses

A specialized portion of the early childhood, middle childhood and youth workforce provides training and technical assistance to support others who work directly with children and families. Training and Technical Assistance (T-TA) Professionals require specific knowledge, skills, and dispositions to provide training and various types of technical assistance such as mentoring, coaching, consultation, professional development (PD) counseling, and peer-to-peer technical assistance.

The following three courses have been developed using the WI Training and Technical Assistance Professional (T-TAP) Competencies** as a framework. They have been designed to highlight the latest evidence-based practices and feature a collaborative approach to professional development. Together, these three courses provide 25 continuing education hours (CEHs).

  • WI T-TAP Foundations Course: For Training Professionals and Technical Assistance Professionals / 8 CEHs
  • WI Training Professional Course: The Foundations Course is a prerequisite / 9 CEHs
  • WI Technical Assistance Professional Course: The Foundations Course is a prerequisite / 9 CEHs

These courses are replacing the WI Registry courses previously known as the Adult Learner Course and the Consultant Course, which set the foundation for continued development efforts.

These courses are recognized as part of The WI Registry Professional Development Approval System (PDAS) and may be required by some employers in Wisconsin as part of a job responsibility to provide training and technical assistance.

** WI Early Childhood Collaborating Partners (WECCP) in partnership with the WI Early Childhood Cross-Sector Professional Development Initiative (WI PDI) guided the development of the T-TAP competencies.

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