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Pyramid Model: Social & Emotional Competence in Young Children

The Pyramid Model Training is a 30-hour training that focuses on supporting social and emotional competence and preventing challenging behavior in young children birth to age five.

Social and emotional competence involves a child’s ability to regulate and express emotions and form close and secure relationships. It involves skills such as self confidence, curiosity, motivation, persistence and self control. These skills are essential to healthy development and optimal learning.

Pyramid Model in the online format is asynchronous at UWM – meaning not occurring at the same time. Participants have rich and meaningful interactions with the instructor and other students in the online discussion forum but do NOT need to be online at the same time as other participants. A webcam is NOT needed for course participation.

This workshop satisfies the full YoungStar approved 25 hours of training and is recognized by The WI Registry.

The Center on Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning, CSEFEL, created the Pyramid Model as a framework for intentionally supporting the social emotional foundations of early learning.

Pyramid Model is an evidence based prevention/intervention framework that prevents challenging behaviors and promotes healthy social and emotional development by supporting positive relationships, creating engaging environments, providing concrete teaching strategies, and when needed, creating individualized interventions for children.

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Pyramid Model (8-Week Online Noncredit Training)

Course available June 1-Aug 1

Course available June 15-Aug 15

Course available Oct 5-Dec 5