Nonprofit Management Program Calendar

December 2019 to November 2020


Are You 501(c)-Ready?

Controlling the Time Robbers

Creative Nonprofit Leadership


Apr. 1

Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Nonprofit Organization


May 13

Diversity in Action: An Historical Look at Nonprofit Organizations

Effective Employee Management for Nonprofit Organizations


May 27

Ethics and Values in the Nonprofit Sector


Jan. 22

Financial Management Within the Nonprofit Sector, Parts 1 & 2


Dec. 4-5

Fundraising and Revenue Development for Nonprofits


Jan. 8

Inclusion Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations


June 24

Dec. 11

Introduction to Emergency Management in the U.S.

Legal Concepts Essential for Nonprofit Organizations


Feb. 19

Legislative Relations for Nonprofit Managers


Mar. 4

Necessary Taxation and Compliance Information for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Boards and Governance


Feb. 5

Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Strategies


June 10

Nonprofit Organization Development and Analysis


Mar. 18

Office Politics


Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management Capstone Session (Half Day)

Program Performance Measurement and Evaluation for Nonprofits


Apr. 29

Starting Your Own Nonprofit Organization

Strategies to Defuse Explosive Situations

Stress, Health and Productivity

The Language of Nonprofits

Valuable Volunteer Management Tools for Nonprofit Organizations


Apr. 15