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Terry McGuire

Terry (Bertha) McGuire was a Milwaukee TV news reporter and anchor in the 80s. In the decades since, she built a successful freelance career as an on-camera spokesperson and voice-over talent.

Four years ago, all her energy, hopes and dreams were drained from her body by depression. Isolated and untreated, the darkness lasted far longer and took a much greater toll than was necessary. Healthy again, Terry is now combining what she learned from that descent with her 30+ years of interviewing and writing experience to produce and co-host the “Giving Voice to Depression” podcast, a production of Giving Voice to Mental Illness, Inc., the 501(c)(3) non-profit she founded to fight the stigma of mental illness by humanizing its experience and normalizing its discussion. Terry shares her own personal story, as well as lessons from the hundreds of others she has interviewed on the subject. Silence promotes shame and discourages claiming our power and getting the help we need to manage the illness. With humor and insight, Terry speaks of depression as one would any other illness. Because that’s what it is.


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