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Stacy Lynch

Stacy Racine Lynch is the President of Support our Schools (SOS) Wauwatosa, a non-partisan, grassroots, non-profit that advocates for investment in public schools throughout Wisconsin. Stacy grew up in Michigan and graduated from Brown University and the University of North Carolina with a Master’s in Public Health Policy. In her early career, Stacy worked for the United States Senate and the State of North Carolina on disability rights and maternal and child health policies and programs. Upon moving to Wisconsin in 2006, Stacy worked for the Women’s Leadership Institute at Mount Mary University for several years before shifting her focus to advocacy work. While grateful for the many strengths of her children’s public school district, Stacy saw several areas that needed improvement, so she met with district employees and joined several committees, councils and organizations to change things over time. After her children graduated from high school, Stacy decided to move her advocacy work to the state level through SOS Wauwatosa and by working with other public education advocacy groups across the state.


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