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Silvana Kukuljan

Silvana has been the instructor for the Italian SIG Class for over 18 years. Every Tuesday at noon the group meets, and spends the next hour and a half learning about the Italian culture, history, customs and grammar. We read books, write, and speak Italian. It is a congenial group. She loves her time teaching what she knows about her native country, Italy.

Silvana was born in Italy and moved with her family to Milwaukee after WWII. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a bachelor’s in education and received her master’s in Italian from Middlebury College, Vermont. For 30 years she taught in the Milwaukee Public Schools, grades 3-8. She has published two children’s books and a bilingual cookbook created with her Italian Class at Osher. Reading and traveling are two of her passions, and she is in the process of finishing her memoirs. She lives with her husband of 51 years, has two wonderful sons and two precious granddaughters.


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