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Sam Stair

Sam Stair is the owner of S2 Real Estate and S2 Technologies. S2 Real Estate has 406 rental units contained in 50 buildings in Milwaukee County. S2 Technologies is a small business computer support firm in business for more than 15 years.

Sam Stair used savings and funds from his computer support business to invest in real estate starting in 2000 with a duplex that he flipped. Stair, with the help of Waterstone Bank, was well positioned to pick up many larger foreclosed properties during the Great Recession. As banks began to lend again Sam was able to continue to buy very low cost properties as owners were desperate to sell now that the bubble had burst.

S2 Real Estates properties are mostly for lower-income people looking for housing. Properties range from rooming houses that include heat and electric and basic furnishings for $300 a month with a room size of 150-200 square feet to three bedrooms apartments with heat in the $775 range.


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