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Sally Stanton , Ph.D,

Dr. Sally Stanton is certified to teach Zentangle Art and Yoga, among many other things. (She also teaches writing at UWM.) She believes in the power of creativity to heal and inspire, and loves proving wrong those who say, “I’m not creative! I can’t draw! I can’t do art!” Until she discovered the Zentangle Method in 2012, Sally merely dabbled in crafts, and with no formal art training, believed she could not draw or make “real” art. Now, as a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher),she teaches the Zentangle Method of drawing, which Sally views as pen-to-paper meditation as well as an empowering practice for anyone wanting to reduce anxiety, expand their perspective, and explore their creativity. The motto of Zentangle is “Anything is possible, one stroke (of the pen) at a time.” Visit to learn more; visit Sally’s website at


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