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Robin Joseph, Ph.D.

Dr. Robin Joseph earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and shortly thereafter rose to the position of Psychology Department Director of the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital in Michigan. She cut short her tenure at the hospital to pursue post-doctoral experiences in Wisconsin. Trained in the Boulder Model, she has researched, worked, taught, and published in areas as disparate as developmental disabilities, obesity and Type Two Diabetes in school-age children to bullying, organizational development, and MMPI-2 typologies of sex offenders.

Dr. Joseph has treated individuals across the life-span and spent five years working in the Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics at Michigan State University Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies under the tutelage of internationally-known psychologist, Dr. Helen Pratt. Dr. Joseph will be presenting an organizational psychology perspective on cultural diversity with the goal of opening an on-going dialogue that will inform your practice throughout your career.


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