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Richard Gonzalez

Richard J. Gonzalez, M.A., is a member of the Iroquois Confederation, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, and the Turtle clan. His tribal name “Loliwyntati” means “He Who Brings the Good Word.” He is a Native American scholar/historian/artist and retired school principal who has administered schools within special education, elementary, and middle school levels. Both his B.A and M.A. degrees are from Cardinal Stritch University, where he is a Trustee Emerita. He also completed post-graduate studies at UWM. Both his mother and his maternal grandparents were forced by the U.S. government to attend Native American boarding schools in Wisconsin (his mother) and out of state (his grandparents) to be “assimilated” into white culture – a devastating widespread practice that created intergenerational trauma rather than “assimilation.” In teaching the impact of the boarding schools and Native American history, “Loliwyntati” uses historical records, letters, and stories of personal impact. He is also a consultant to multiple school districts on Historical Trauma and an advocate for improving education about Native American history in Wisconsin schools.


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