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Reynaldo Hernandez

Reynaldo Hernandez’s work is so well-known, so prolific across Milwaukee and the country, that his name and “murals in Milwaukee” are almost synonymous. He’s responsible for some of Milwaukee’s most iconic murals such as the “Mural of Peace” on the Esperanza Unida building (also known as “the one with the giant dove by the freeway”) and the mural on the old Inner City Arts Council building (North Ave. and 6th St.).

Reynaldo was born in Milwaukee and has artistic talents in everything from painting to photography, airbrushing, fine art, caricatures and life drawing. He has illustrated children’s books and even worked as a courtroom sketch artist. Many of his murals are collaborative with community residents and youth, creating ownership, pride, skill-building, confidence and opportunities for storytelling.

In addition to the many murals he has painted in Milwaukee, he is also responsible for the artistic revitalization of downtown Waukesha through murals and has painted over 100 murals nationwide.


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