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Paulette Bangura

Paulette Bangura sees her life work in terms of creating vehicles of voice and change for those people in disenfranchised environments who seek to transform their lives. She is passionate about community, especially the community of people of color. Ms. Bangura has worked tirelessly developing opportunities and vehicles for people of color to take personal control over the events and policies that impede access or opportunity for upward mobility.

She co-founded the African Women’s Sarcoidosis Healing Network, a women-led grassroots network attempting to impact the issues of disparity in health care for women of African descent. She co-founded the social service agency, Father’s Incorporated, that supports African American fathers taking leadership roles in the community and true partnership roles in the parenting arena. She also co-founded the African Diaspora Project. High school students learn about the African Experience and are trained to conduct a Model Organization of African Unity Simulation, while representing themselves as heads of state for specific African countries. She is a Master Teacher with the international Adult Rites of Passage Institute in Elmina Ghana and the local arm of Asentu Adult Rites of Passage Process in Milwaukee.

Ms. Bangura has engaged in scholarly work in South Africa, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Ghana. She completed her undergraduate studies in political science at Creighton University, graduate work in healthcare administration at Texas Women University and continued studies in Adult Education at National Louis University. Along with her colleague, Mary Jo Aman, Ms. Bangura’s current work involves teaching environmentally challenged people how to conduct their own research so their stories can be heard in their own voices and policy can be developed with their input. She continually works to set up processes and mechanisms for change to last beyond the transient power popularity or charisma of individuals.


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