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Nathan Tokarek

Nathan is a current doctoral student in the kinesiology program at UWM with a serious passion for play! He is a strong believer that physical activity can come in many forms, and does not always require structure or planning. Some of his favorite activities include road cycling, backpacking, and soccer, while his most memorable feats include the completion of a cross-country bicycle tour and spending several weeks hiking sections of both the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails. In addition, Nathan is a research and teaching assistant who works within the Physical Activity and Health Research Lab on campus, with his most recent study looking at the impact of standing desks in the classroom on children’s after-school physical activity behaviors.

Following several years of working as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and camp counselor, Nathan realized his desire to work with children while completing an internship in an Adolescent Comprehensive Weight Management Program. Here he was tasked with creating and leading weekly group classes for children which focused on free play and structured exercise, with an added teaching component surrounding the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Now in his third year at UWM, Nathan intends to focus his research on the relationship between children’s physical activity behaviors and how they are influenced by access to various outdoor environments, including playgrounds and parks.


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