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Montreal Cain

Montreal is an ambitious young man who has a heart to enrich lives by being influential in a positive light for his family. Being a resource of knowledge, determination, experience courage, and expertise professionally, and unselfishly caring for the well-being of others by being present and accessible. Montréal is the Creative Director at Cain Enterprise LLC (@cainenterprise A Marketing and Advertisement Agency. He has started his second business Creative Executives “a culture where B2B, Music Media, and Art Coexist with Equal importance to the Consumer.” This is also his fourth year teaching at Morgandale Elementary, as well as UW-Milwaukee Saturday Academy. He competed in American Idol. In August 2010, he was chosen among 125,000 people who auditioned in Milwaukee. He made it through six auditions and three rounds to end up in the top 168. Montreal is also an actor with his first cameo “Don’t Fall in Love” 01/12 and is currently directing his second film “Ambition”.


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