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Michael Poma

Michael Poma is associate director of the Milwaukee Enrollment Services of the State of Wisconsin, Division of Medicaid Services. He has served as executive director of a large not-for-profit agency in Milwaukee and over a three-county Child Development Board in Upper Michigan. Michael retired as bureau administrator in the Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services. Early in his career, after graduation from university, he taught in an Episcopal school for handicapped children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Michael serves as an executive board member of the Haitian Museum of Chicago and was also the Wisconsin Honorary Counsel to the Republic of Uganda. Michael reorganized the Milwaukee County Childcare payment and certification program with a focus on quality service and practices. He received National Counties Awards for the reorganization and also for the development and implementation of a special needs childcare assessment tool to facilitate services for parents and educate providers of publicly funded childcare programs.

As executive director of the Baraga, Houghton and Keweenaw Child Development Board, the agency was designated as one of the ten Head Start Centers of Excellence in the USA. Michael shared best practices with Head Start programs throughout Michigan and across the nation. He implemented a dual language Chinese childcare center in Houghton and also collaborated with the Marquette University Speech Pathologies Department under an Early Reading First research grant for the training of teachers and to study the linguistic progress of children enrolled in the dual language Spanish program in the centers he directed in Milwaukee.

Michael is an advocate and a director of Office Lean projects. He is multi-lingual and also believes in leadership development for the transformation of the workplace. He developed Pathways to Leadership Program with a customized education component through UW-Milwaukee’s School of Continuing Education, which was recently awarded the State of Wisconsin Diversity Award.


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