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Margo Renner

Margo Renner, born and raised in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, moved to Iceland at a young age and lived there for 35 years. Married to an Icelander, they set up their home on Heimaey, a tiny island off the southwest coast. She learned the language, became part of the local community, raised two children and worked at many entrepreneurial endeavors while finishing a teaching degree and eventually a degree in career and educational counseling. Iceland remains a large part of her life, and she enjoys sharing knowledge of the elements that make this island country so unique.

Growing up in Wisconsin, Renner loved the access to the fields and woods of the natural world around her. Insects, especially butterflies, were always a favorite. Though living in Iceland for 35 years, she shared the captivating project of raising monarch butterflies during her summer visits to Wisconsin with her children. Renner again resides in Wisconsin and finds this a favorite summer pastime.


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