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Krista Morrissey

For nearly two decades, Krista R. Morrissey has guided groups and individuals to achieve personal and professional success and satisfaction.

Krista’s domestic and international experience with a global printing and media industry giant Quad/Graphics guided her in crafting her own multi-faceted coaching, change management and leadership style to produce results.

Krista’s secret in leading others to successful outcomes in business and life is no secret at all. Success lives within everyone, though not everyone lives out their success. It all comes down to understanding “why” we are here, the value of the talents we have been given, how our gifts are given to the world, and the choices we make.

When we live inside of our Gift Zone we experience one of the greatest gifts of all, personal alignment.  Only then can we perform at our peak and reap the benefits.

In CHOICES Coaching & Consulting, I stay aligned with my mission of making the world a better place one person at a time, based on my insight and experience as an organizational development leader.


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