Kobena-Marcus Collins

Kobena-Marcus J. Collins is a diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DEIB) professional. Holding several certifications in DEI, marketing and leadership, two degrees and a lifetime of experience, Kobena has been an advocate for DEIB in a professional capacity since 2008. A product of an extremely diverse household, Kobena became connected to learning about cultures. As a self-proclaimed “confused kid”, Kobena has worked diligently to help create environments where everyone can have a place of psychological safety and where they feel supported to achieve their highest potential. Coming from a multiethnic/ multicultural environment and having the opportunity to travel to 10 countries in one semester with college students from around the world, Kobena gained a unique perspective that very few others in the world have. He has studied DEIB best practices for the past seven years and continues to gain new information from leaders around the country.

Kobena is and has always been a leader – a servant leader, leading by example, and has successfully demonstrated this throughout his professional career.   Because he is a servant-leader, he has always been the utility player, doing whatever needed to be done. As his career in recruitment blossomed, he became a leader in the diversity recruitment space and in 2015, Kobena began to build his own national brand as a strong relationship manager/developer and DEIB professional.  He has been featured in many pod/vodcasts, sharing his knowledge and experience with the world, including Uplifting Impact, C3EB Summit 2020, and Seen@Work. Kobena has held numerous positions in many organizations over the past decade, including leading as a part of the foundation building of the diversity and inclusion efforts for Kohl’s corporate offices where his work impacts 100K+ associates. Most recently, because of Kobena’s brand of service, leadership and diverse experiences, Kobena was appointed as a member of the board of commissioners for the City of Milwaukee by the mayor of Milwaukee.

Kobena is also a community speaker/advocate and a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. – the first of the collegiate fraternities created for African-American men. Kobena is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He holds a BA in secondary education and history from Lake Forest College and earned a Master of Education in cultural foundations of education from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“I try to learn as much as I can because I know nothing compared to what I need to know.” – Muhammad Ali

Kobena and his wife reside on the north side of Milwaukee with their young daughter.


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