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Jill Sommers, MA, CPC

Jill Sommers is the founder of Move2Live and Jill M Sommers Performance Coaching. Jill is a highly regarded educator, coach and presenter with a passion for delivering high-energy presentations and classes on the topics of mindful living, conscious awareness, high-performance habits, productive relationships, communication skills and heart-centered business strategies. Clients such as Berkshire Hathaway, GE Electric, Girls on the Run and Dream Bank American Family Insurance have praised her for delivering meaningful content with great knowledge and profound enthusiasm.

A dynamic coach with more than 30 years of coaching and classroom teaching experience, Jill possesses the unique capability of collating cognitive content with experiential learning which creates an environment of true understanding, extending beyond words, concepts and theory. Jill’s 25-plus years of developing curriculum and teaching in the classroom at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has taught her the skill of attunement, a seemingly lost art in today’s world of virtual learning but a necessary ability for daily and workplace satisfaction.

Jill believes that the key to a happier, more productive and satisfying life (both inside and outside the workplace) rests in the return to mindful living.

She received her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Columbia College of Chicago and her master’s degree in spiritual psychology from the School of Spiritual Psychology in Milwaukee, WI.

Jill, originally from Madison and a resident of Milwaukee, WI, for 27 years, now lives in Boulder, CO, where she spends her free time in the mountains, skiing, trail running, hiking, biking and leading mindful adventure retreats for women.


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