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Jennifer Anderson

Jenny Anderson paints using natural minerals and pigments. She is passionate about using pure pigments, and her rich color palette extends into handmade pastels, oil paints, watercolor, egg tempera and black walnut ink. For 12 years she has been exploring the color palettes achievable through the use of pure pigment. Always curious about how things are constructed, Jenny has gone directly to the source by extracting her own pigment from the minerals in the Earth.

Her art is distinguished by strong colors, deft storytelling and psychological exploration. Jenny’s studio work is based upon observation of the human condition. She accomplishes this by delving into manipulations of the human form. A portraitist by nature, Jenny expresses the rawest of emotion through her paintings. Inspired by the outdoors, Jenny also indulges in Plein Air painting. Painting in nature offers a different sensibility, granting her a determined level of concentration, sense of place, and the immediacy of her surroundings.


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