Jen Murray

Jen Murray (they/them) is a lifelong learner committed to creating a just and equitable world for future generations. Through speaking, consulting and coaching, Jen invites examination of how we show up in living our fullest expression of ourselves while being accountable to the pervasive nature of white-body supremacy culture. Jen is passionately connected to liberating systems into action beyond awareness of the impact of current and historic oppressive dynamics.

Jen radiates and elevates community connectedness, self-care, mindfulness, gender justice, transformational responsibility, authenticity and anti-racist praxis. Jen has experience locally, regionally, nationally and globally in leveraging equity practices and fostering a sense of belonging.

From their time in the United States Peace Corps to working with LGBTQ+ communities and folx impacted by HIV/AIDS, they have been dedicated to cultivating sustainable change possibilities leveraging health equity, integrative healing, wellness and well-being. Living into the soul potential of being an alchemist and humanitarian, Jen sparks magical and mystical musings among revolutionary loving communities. Jen stands as a source for a transformed world and breathes inspiration into heart-centered leadership.


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