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Jane Robinson, MS, IMH-E (I)

Jane’s early childhood journey began in Texas. She was hired as a center director at a program licensed for 200 children. Jane left the program to become a family child care provider. During that time, Jane became actively involved as a child advocate with the Texas Legislature. She was appointed as an advisor to the Committee on Child Care Facilities, and she was awarded volunteer of the year for her work in supporting children, families and child care providers.

In 1991, Jane moved to Wisconsin and worked for Satellite (accrediting family child care providers for the City of Madison). She developed Harmony House, aka Harmony Montessori, which is a NAEYC accredited inclusive child care program. In 2001, Jane began her work with the WI Registry and was charged with overseeing the professional credentials. She was one of the initial founders of the National Practitioner Registry Alliance, and she attributes that experience to fueling her passion to support the professional development within the early childhood field.

In 2011, Jane completed her graduate studies and her final project/thesis focused on a teacher training system for Montessori practitioners. Her area of study was influenced by Gwen Morgan, a true pioneer of the early childhood field, and by Marty Zaslow, whose research continues to explore the gap between practitioner knowledge and classroom practice. Jane is passionate about mentoring teachers and supporting their professional growth so that they will experience the joy and fulfillment of guiding young children to reach their fullest potential!


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