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Jan Riordan

J.F. Riordan grew up in Wisconsin. In her early life she pursued a career in opera, which took her far afield, and gave her a new appreciation for the Midwest. Since returning to Wisconsin, she has taught English and worked in philanthropy. Ms. Riordan has been called “a latter-day Jane Austen”. Her mesmerizing literary fiction makes the Great Lakes region one of the characters in this continuing series. The North of the Tension Line books (North of the Tension Line; The Audacity of Goats; Robert’s Rules; and A Small Earnest Question) represent a sensibility that is distinctively Midwestern, even though the small town politics and gossip will be universally familiar. Her book of essays is entitled Reflections on a Life in Exile. Riordan celebrates the well-lived life of the ordinary man and woman with meticulously drawn characters and intriguing plots that magnify the beauty and mystery lingering near the surface of everyday life. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three dogs, and is currently at work on a sequel to the North of the Tension Line series, Throwing Bears for George—due out in 2022, a second book of essays, and a children’s book.


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