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James Brown, Ph.D.

Dr. Brown received his master’s in administrative leadership at age 57, and his Ph.D. in adult and continuing education at age 62 from UW-Milwaukee. His Ph.D. has a special emphasis in older adult learning (gerontology) and technology for adults. He’s all about the old dog learning new tricks, and started his second career in education after spending 26 years as a rubber chemist making rubber parts for practically anything that moved.

As a Baby Boomer, his dissertation dealt with how older adults make meaning of computer training in their everyday lives. Now living in Racine, Wis., with his partner of 20 years and three Dachshunds, his birthplace and accent come from the outer banks of North Carolina. His speaking interests range from opera and science-fiction movies to computers, from the original 1984 Macintosh to this year’s Windows 10.


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