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Mahmoud Maamouri, PhD, PE, SE

Dr. Maamouri joined Computerized Structural Design, S.C. (CSD Structural Engineers) in April 1998 as a structural engineer. He became an associate in 2001, a senior associate in 2004 and a principal of the firm in 2007. His responsibilities include the design, analysis, and design review of precast/prestressed concrete buildings and components. He specializes in both structural as well as architectural concrete design. He is also responsible for the analysis and design of special structures, and the anchorage and supports of specialty equipment subjected to seismic loading. Dr. Maamouri worked on numerous projects during his tenure at CSD, including parking structures, commercial, industrial as well as institutional buildings. Specialty projects include Bins design, water and wastewater treatment equipment (including Clarifiers) supports and anchorage, and air handling units and curbs. In addition to his responsibilities at CSD, Dr. Maamouri has served as an adjunct associate professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering since 2001. Prior to joining CSD, Dr. Maamouri was employed as a structural engineer at a consulting engineering firm in Milwaukee and prior to that as an assistant professor at the University of Tunis.


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