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Jenifer Marchesi, PhD

Jenifer Marchesi has spent the last six years performing failure analysis and aging/degradation studies for the power industry. The “soft parts” of electrical systems are frequently the weakest link, since they are inherently less stable and less durable than metals. From current transformers to printed circuit boards, the environment generated by and present around electrical components contributes to the degradation of the organic insulators resulting in long-term performance issues.

Jenifer holds a Bachelor degree in Chemistry and Ph.D. in Polymer Science for the University of Connecticut’s Institute of Materials Science. During her 30 year career she has held numerous technical and managerial positions in industry, from Fortune 100 companies such as Gillette and Kodak, to venture-capital funded start-ups focusing on US Government contracts under the Departments of Energy, Defense, and NASA. Jenifer’s broad background in Research, Product Development, Analytical Methods, Manufacturing and Quality for a variety of industries leaves her uniquely positioned to direct activities related to materials selection, characterization and polymer degradation assessment. She has been successful in problem-solving for several different industries including nuclear and non-nuclear power generation, medical devices, consumer products, industrial engines, and large- and small-scale cooling systems. Dr. Marchesi has recent experience specifically in nuclear and non-nuclear power generation facilities includes evaluation of current transformers, pressurizer heater power receptacle design and construction, underground steam and electrical systems: diaphragm valves, extruded pipes, coatings, and electrical insulation. Jenifer is also the Subject Matter Expert and Co-Instructor for Materials Degradation training (Polymers section) for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Jenifer is a member of the American Chemical Society, Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, the Adhesion Society, and ASTM Medical Device (F04) and Rubber (D11) Committees.


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