Ginny Plumeau

Ms. Plumeau, REM, is the environmental services team leader for Ruekert-Mielke, Inc. She is a registered environmental manager and senior ecologist with extensive experience with development and construction projects in the Midwest. She has over 30 years of technical and leadership experience related to land use and development projects involving environmental compliance on construction sites, managing water quality protection measures, §401/404 wetland regulatory permitting and wetland/waterway assessments.

She is involved in identifying and summarizing requirements for federal, state or local permits that may be needed for trenching, boring or drilling activities. On construction projects, Ms. Plumeau is often brought in to address field compliance, problem area reporting, handle extra workspace variance requests, spot issues that could lead to noncompliance, and develop solutions before problems arise. Ms. Plumeau has attended many types of agency meetings, both to secure permits and to settle compliance issues.

She is familiar with state-approved soil erosion and sedimentation control procedures, wetland and waterway protection measures, dewatering practices and revegetation/restoration protocols. Ms. Plumeau is a dedicated field inspector during construction activities. As an environmental specialist, she provides training to contractors. She specializes in troubleshooting issues that arise during construction in sensitive reaches (such as release events, or when non-performance could lead to a violation or stop work order). Ms. Plumeau has been actively involved in managing teams and conducts permitting and biological assessments. She has actively participated in surveys and managed teams for the assessment of hundreds of wetlands and waterways crossed by existing and proposed utility lines, structures and access roads.


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