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Dotty Posto

Dotty Posto is a culture and leadership development consultant who helps CEOs and senior leaders ignite a stagnant culture and inspire their employees to outstanding performance.

She specializes in transforming cultures plagued with unproductive conflict, personal attacks or power imbalances into safe, collaborative spaces for candid conversations and innovative solutions. She helps senior leaders inspire vs. intimidate and empower vs. overpower their teams.

Dotty has over 25 years of experience leading transformational change and inspiring teams to contribute at a much higher level to organizational success. Her energetic, creative style has been referred to as a “force multiplier” due to her ability to lift and accelerate individual and team performance. Previous clients include midsized Fortune 200 and Fortune 500 companies such as The Chicago Tribune, Aon Hewitt, Harley-Davidson, GE and Molson Coors.

In her spare time she enjoys riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle with her husband, hiking in national parks with her daughter, yoga, photography, cooking and eating healthy food.


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