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Adrienne Cizek, PE

Adrienne received her undergraduate degree in environmental engineering from UW-Madison. She continued her education in the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where she researched the fate of pathogens in stormwater runoff for New York City’s drinking water supply. Upon graduation, Adrienne worked as an engineer at Integrated Water Strategies (Apex, NC) where she designed treatment gardens for wastewater and stormwater reuse. In 2011, Adrienne received an EPA STAR fellowship to complete a PhD at North Carolina State University quantifying the stormwater mitigation and ecosystem service potential of ecologically based stormwater conveyance. While at NC State, Adrienne taught several courses and workshops on stormwater and LID design. Additionally, Adrienne has worked internationally on drinking water and water reuse projects in Rwanda, Peru and Haiti.  She is now an engineer with Stormwater Solutions Engineering, LLC, in Milwaukee, WI.  In her free time, Adrienne enjoys running, cooking and working in her garden with her family.


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